A Few More Things To Do On Oahu

~ Clyde Collins ~

     The private was trying to think up a new rhyme to inspire TAMC patients to get well quicker.  It was hard work.  But an observer would not detect this because the private's feet were propped up on the sill of the open lab window and he seemed to be dozing in the mellow trade winds.

     A distracting vision haunted the private and this made his work even harder.  The vision was of PFC Denise Daisy, patient care specialist, Ward Pluto, and him holding hands.

     So on the following day Pvt. 2 Donald Duty, inspiration specialist, Poetics Lab, approached Daisy and said, "How would you like to explore the natural beauty of Hawaii with me on a little hike this weekend?  We can pick up some trail maps at..."  Duty pulled a crumpled piece of paper out of his shirt pocket, studied it for a second and continued, "at Oahu District Forester located at 115l Punchbowl St.  The phone number is 548-2861."

     "But, but, Donald..." stammered Daisy.

     "If you don't want to do that," said Duty, "we could go horseback riding at Barbers Point.  They've got stables out there and miles and miles of riding trails.  It's only $5 an hour for military people, $7 for civilians."  Duty pulled another crumpled piece of paper out of his pants pocket.  "We can call 684-5105 for more information."

     "Yes, but, but..." stammered Daisy.

     "Well, how about a boat ride?"  persisted Duty.  He pulled off his shoe, found a soiled piece of paper in it, read some notes scribbled across the paper.  "First Pearl Harbor Cruise at Kewalo Basin, located just this side of Ala Moana Beach Park, has a two hour 'Hawaii State' cruise for only $5 every Friday at 5:45 p.m.  Drinks are $1 a piece and there's a Dixieland jazz band on board.  We don't even need reservations.  The phone number is 536-3641."

     "But Donald!"

     Just then, from out of no where, casually strode Sgt. Mickey Kanndoo, infantryman, Schofield Barracks.  He cordially took Daisy by the arm.  The handsome couple slipped into a slick red Mazaratti parked nearby.  Kanndoo gunned the engine.

     As Daisy and Kanndoo drove away, Daisy exclaimed over her shoulder, down which the strap of her dress had fallen, "I'm in love with Mickey!"



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