The Good, The Bad, And the Pudding

~ Clyde Collins ~

     Mmmm, hot roast beef with thick brown gravy, creamy scalloped potatoes, steamy buttered brussel sprouts, three glasses of cold fresh milk and five bowls of rich chocolate pudding.

     Pvt. 2 Donald Duty admired his tray of good Army chow for a long anticipative moment and dug in.

     PFC Denise Daisy and a female soldier new to Tripler seated themselves on the opposite side of the dining hall table.  They too dug into the nutritional delight piled upon their trays.

     "Donald, I'd like you to meet Pvt. Maria Democraticio," said Daisy.  "She's from San Benito, Texas, and is going to be the new clerk on Ward Pluto."  Daisy added proudly, "I'm her sponsor."

     "How do you do," said Donald.

     "Hi," said Democraticio.  "Where are you from?"

     "Buttermilk, Kansas," said Duty.

     The new arrival at Tripler cut the Hawaiian ham steak on her plate.

     "Maria, let me do that for you," said Daisy.  She reached over with her own knife and fork and cut the tongue-titillating ham into convenient bite-sized pieces.

     "Oh Denise," beamed Democraticio.  "You're taking such good care of me."

     "That's what a sponsor is for," Daisy said with a warm smile.

     Duty noted the lei of colorful fresh flowers hanging from the neck of Democraticio, knew instantly she had received the garland of flowers from Daisy at the airport when Daisy met her there ~ just like a sponsor should.  Duty also knew the newcomer was getting a fine first impression of Tripler and would fit in well at the Army Medical Center largely because of Daisy's efforts.

     Duty was proud of Daisy.

     PFC Tom Weasel and a male soldier new to Tripler seated themselves at the table and dug in.  Weasel, interrupting Duty's contemplations, said to him, "You look like you're out of it."

     Duty replied, "Out of what?"

     Weasel shrugged, continued eating.

     "Why don't you introduce me to these people, Tom" said the stranger sitting next to Weasel.

     "Forgot," said Weasel.  "That's Donald, that's Denise, and I don't know who that is.  Everybody, this is Pvt. Maynard Equally, from Harlem."  As he rolled his eyeballs Weasel added, "I'm his sponsor."

     "Gee, I hardly noticed," said Equally.  "Especially at the airport, where I had to call a taxi to get here."

     "Heck, I was in the middle of a good cribbage game!" grinned Weasel.

     "All you care about is the two days you get off for being my sponsor," gritted Equally.  With his fork, he stabbed a piece of his Hawaiian ham steak.

     "Well, we've got to go now," said Daisy.  "I've got to show Maria where Personnel is."  They picked up their trays and left.

     Duty slowly stirred a spoon in one of his five bowls of chocolate pudding.  Suddenly he was not in the mood for dessert.  "I'm going too," he said.  "See you guys later."  As he pushed his chair back he added, "Nice meeting you, Maynard."

     Equally nodded.

     "Stay out of trouble," said Weasel to Duty.

     "You too."

     Duty stood and picked up his tray.  Turning to leave, his foot caught on the wrong side of one of the mess hall table's legs.  Losing his balance, he accidentally lost his tray also.  It went flying, chocolate pudding and all, right into Weasel's face.

     "Oops," blushed Duty.  "I'm sorry, Tom."


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photo above:
from the movie, "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly"


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