Weight Control Program

Toughens Up Duty

~ Clyde Collins ~

     "God bless America, Duty, what happened to you?  Are you pregnant?"  Flabbergasted, the Poetics Lab NCOIC gawked at the young inspiration specialist, Pvt. 2 Donald Duty.  The private had just returned to Tripler from a 39-day leave at home ~ during the Christmas holidays.

     You see, what was his lean belly a month ago, was now like a medicine ball stuffed full of Christmas cookies and eggnog.  It was just a-hanging over his belt as if about to plop onto the Poetics Lab floor.  One of his shirt buttons was even missing ~ had snapped off bullet-like when he put on his green shirt that morning.  Now the private's uniform, minus the button, was stretched so taunt across his ridiculously bloated midriff that his T-shirt was undignifiedly peeking out.

     Duty grinned from ear to ear despite a slight case of culture shock he was suffering upon his return to TAMC from Buttermilk, Kan., his home town.  "Guess I got carried away over the holidays, Sarge."

     "Well, you don't appear too trim and smart with a pot belly like that," grimaced the NCOIC.  "Such detraction from a proper military bearing is not allowed in the U.S. Army.  Thank your lucky stripes Tripler has a new weight control program.  You will report to the orderly room at the Company to be entered into the program."

     Duty's charismatic grin twitched once or twice before fading completely.  "Yes, sergeant," he murmured humbly.


     Duty scuttled out of the lab.  SSgt. Rocky Ride, the private's NCOIC, leaned back in his chair behind his desk.  He tested the strength of a pencil that happened to be in his hand and broke it.  Duty was a remarkable inspiration specialist.  But his soldiering sometimes left a little something more to be desired.  Ride felt responsible.

     The weight control program was a real asset.  The program's daily calisthenics and two mile run or walk, would be fine medicine for Duty's medicine ball gut.  He would be required to weigh-in biweekly showing a loss of no less than two pounds per weigh-in or be disciplined, if he had no medical condition.

     After he met his required weight goal, he would have to maintain it for at least two more weigh-ins before being released from the program.

     If Duty did not lose weight because of lack of self-discipline, too much apathy or any other character deficiency, he would be denied promotion or even be, in accordance with Army Regulation (AR) 635-200, discharged from the service.

     But Duty would do just fine.  Once he remolded a proud physique he would really have something to grin about.  And so would Ride.


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