Cloyd Campfire's

  Old U.S. Army Campsite


     Let's take a walk across the water to my old US Army Campsite.  It's not too far from here.  It's on the same planet anyway ~ engulfed in blue ~ lots of blue.

     Okay!  Let's forget walking.  We'll fly.

     We there already?  Jeepers, these modern conveniences certainly do come in handy, don't they?  Please now, don't be asking me all kinds of questions about this place.  Let's let the old bivouac from 30 years back speak for itself and leave it at that.

     Well, there is one thing I don't mind explaining, if you don't mind a brief explanation:

     When yours truly wound-up in the U.S. Army working on the newspaper at Tripler Army Medical Center, 1980 thru 1984, writing the Duty World columns among other things ~ my name was not Cloyd Campfire.

     Nor was it Donald Duty!